Overcoming Single Parent Adoption Obstacles

If you've been considering adoption, there are a lot of qualifications that you must meet before you are granted eligibility and final approval. If you are applying for an adoption request and you are a single parent, you'll likely face more obstacles than a married couple. The reason for this is that most agencies want to place a child with a family that can financially provide for and offer as much support as possible with raising the child. Here are a few obstacles you'll have to consider should you wish to pursue adoption as a single parent.

Home Study

If you're approved for adoption after the initial application and background check, you'll have to undergo a home study. This involves an adoption caseworker coming to your home and looking closely at your immediate living environment. You will have to show that you can accommodate bringing a child into your household. Having a designated bedroom and personal space for a child is a major requirement for getting a home study approved. Showing that you can provide a safe shelter and all of the living essentials for your child, despite being a single parent, will have to be established.

Health Conditions

Certain health conditions may make keep you from obtaining adoption approval. Part of the adoption process may involve a physical exam as well as a mental health evaluation. Some agencies may request your past medical records. If you're facing life-threatening health problems such as cancer or other types of disease, your application may be denied. Dual-parent adoptions may be considered especially if the parent who isn't sick is the primary breadwinner. Being a single parent, your child will rely on you solely for financial support. If you have health issues or concerns, be upfront with the caseworker and prepare to explain how you will raise a child through your medical limitations. 

Financial Barriers

Your ability to provide food and shelter for your child is something you'll have to prove to the adoption agency. In addition to daily essentials, you may also have to share your savings account balance, health insurance availability, and any college savings you have set aside for the future. Make sure you have this in place prior to considering adoption. 

Family Support

Even though you may be a single parent, you may have a wealth of support from family and friends. Parents, neighbors, and close friends may also be interviewed as part of the adoption process. They may serve as character or personal references; they may be asked to highlight what role they will help play in babysitting or being a part of your child's life. Talk with your closest relatives and friends and ask them what their role will be in your child's life.

Single-parent adoption is a lengthy and intense process. The main goal is to place each child in a home that is loving and safe with unlimited support.